Hello PROJECT INVERSE community. We appreciate your continued participation in our growing Ecosystem. Over the last couple of weeks, we have demonstrated the successful utility of the INVERSE platform which continues to attract an ever growing number of users.

As we move from the…

Bibox will list XIV, with deposits and withdrawals and trading starting on September 15th.

Dear Project Inverse Community,

We are delighted to announce that the XIV token will be listed on Bibox exchange.

XIV/USDT will be the single trading pair at launch, with more coming in the future.

Bibox will…

XIV Token Burn

Hello Project Inverse Community,

As we prepare for the launch of the Inverse V3 Platform on Binance Smart Chain. We have conducted a XIV Ethereum token burn and an equivalent XIV-BSC token mint and burn. In other to maintain equilibrium with our token metrics and to maintain…


Hello Inverse community. As we approach the 4th Quarter of 2021, the Project Inverse team would like you to join us in reflecting how far we have come since our launch on March 8th of this year. But more importantly, we would like to keep you informed of all the…

Hello INVERSE Community,

The Inverse team is truly excited to announce the launch of VAULT PASS, a high yield, passive-staking platform powered by the XIV token. The VAULT PASS platform will be unveiled for staking by XIV holders on August 7th, 12pm UTC.

The Project Inverse team is committed to…

Staking Competition

Inverse community, we are pleased to inform you that we are hosting a trading/staking competition on the INVERSE Platform. Users can win up to 6x their funds and the non-winners receive a refund of the funds they stake.

How to qualify

Users can participate in this competition by staking a minimum of 5000…

Project Inverse is excited to partner with some selected Telegram groups to conduct a community Airdrop and Bounty program. This will take place in the month of July.

INVERSE is a protocol that tracks the movement of popular DeFi, Chain, and NFT coins. …


Project Inverse is a counter-volatility DeFi protocol that allows users to benefit from the downward and upward moves in the crypto market.

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