Hello INVERSE Community,

The Inverse team is truly excited to announce the launch of VAULT PASS, a high yield, passive-staking platform powered by the XIV token. The VAULT PASS platform will be unveiled for staking by XIV holders on August 7th, 12pm UTC.

The Project Inverse team is committed to developing, new, cutting edge applications built around the XIV token that allow users to profit from the crypto markets. It is this same dedication that we brought to the conception and development of VAULT PASS. We are proud of what we have achieved.

Vault Pass Staking Platform


Vault Pass is a high yield, short duration, passive-staking platform. Users simply deposit their XIV on the platform for a 30-Day Staking Period, and will be rewarded with a high APY. After the 30-day Staking Period, users can simply withdraw their initial staked tokens plus the additional tokens awarded. Yes, it’s that simple.

For the launch of VAULT PASS, we will be offering an introductory APY (Annual Percent Yield) of 360%. This means that after 30-days, users will receive 30% of the full amount of the XIV that they staked as a reward.


The first pool for staking on the VAULT PASS platform will open on August 7th, at 12pm UTC. The pool will have a maximum supply of 750,000 XIV. Users will have 5 days to deposit their XIV in the pool. Users must deposit XIV by connecting MetaMask to the platform and depositing a minimum of 10,000 XIV in the pool. The pool will close after either the maximum supply or time-to-deposit has been reached.

After 30-days from the start of the staking period, users may claim their tokens plus the 30% reward by withdrawing their XIV via MetaMask.


We have several exciting innovations planned for VAULT PASS as well as the wider INVERSE PLATFORM.

1. We hope to add Binance Smart Chain functionality to the VAULT PASS platform by the end of August.

2. In the very near future, we will allow users to stake other project tokens with whom we have formed a partnership. Users who hold and stake these other project tokens on VAULT PASS will also earn a high APY in the form of XIV.

3. In the coming days and weeks, the INVERSE platform itself will be undergoing a complete overhaul of its UI / UX. As part of this upgrade, we will be launching version 3 of the platform on Binance Smart Chain, as well as offering users the ability to stake XIV in tracking vaults using different ERC-20 / BSC tokens.

We know you all are excited for these developments. So are we! They are going to come fast and furious, and we cannot wait for you to experience all we have to offer. As always we thank you for your support.

Join us as we ready the ship for Hyperspace!


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Project Inverse is a counter-volatility DeFi protocol that allows users to benefit from the downward and upward moves in the crypto market.