We are proud to announce INVERSE, a non-custodial, counter-volatility, DeFi protocol that allows users to earn significant yield from the downward moves of select assets. INVERSE is powered by the XIV token, a free-floating, inverse-yielding, ERC-20 token.

What is INVERSE?

INVERSE is a DeFi platform that provides an array of smart-contract features with integrated time-based options. Users have the opportunity to speculate on the drop in value of a suite of DeFi coins by utilizing the multiple tracking vaults on the platform. XIV, the protocol’s native token, is used to unlock these vaults, and then staked within these vaults for no more than 7 days. As their name implies, these vaults track the real-time price movements of select DeFi tokens (i.e. COMP, AAVE, UNI, YFI). After 7 days, if the value of the DeFi asset being tracked has dropped by a certain percentage, the user will gain a significant percentage yield on the amount of XIV held within the tracking vault. If the price of the DeFi asset does not drop in value beyond the pre- determined percentage by the end of the 7-day staking period, the user will forfeit a portion of their staked XIV. Rewards will be automatically disbursed to the user’s web3 browser wallet at the end of the 7-day staking period. Ultimately, INVERSE offers users the option to hedge against the volatility of select crypto assets.


The crypto and DeFi space is fast moving and highly volatile. These assets are often subject to frequent and rapid dips in price which can result in profound losses for market participants. To help solve this problem, we have created a protocol that offers users the opportunity to stake against the frequent dips in price of select DeFi coins without having to hold those assets. With the INVERSE protocol and its native XIV token, non-traders are offered the ability to speculate on the volatility of select assets dur- ing selloffs, dips, or downward turns in the crypto markets