Hello Inverse community. As we approach the 4th Quarter of 2021, the Project Inverse team would like you to join us in reflecting how far we have come since our launch on March 8th of this year. But more importantly, we would like to keep you informed of all the groundbreaking and innovative developments that are in store for you. We have been hard at work, creating and developing some of the most innovative platforms in crypto. Several of these will be launched in a matter of days and weeks, while others will be unveiled in the coming months.


On March 8th, 2021, Project Inverse conducted a successful IDO following its XIV token TGE. Focused on bringing simple, innovative crypto and DeFi platforms that empower the average user, the team, mere weeks after its IDO, launched the INVERSE v1 platform.


Two months following the launch of INVERSE v1, in response to user feedback regarding gas fees and the selection of available coins listed on the platform, the Project Inverse team unveiled INVERSE v2. Version 2.0 improved on several aspects of the original platform including lowering gas fees by
30 to 40% and increasing the number and categories of coins tracked by XIV.


At the end of July, Project Inverse launched VAULT PASS, a high yield, short duration, passive-staking DeFi platform. Currently, users can stake XIV on the platform at an APY of 360%. Thus, in 30 days, after which XIV plus yield gained is disbursed, stakers may earn 30% on the full amount of their staked XIV.


In the coming days, Project Inverse will begin implementing the second phase of its development. Phase 2.0 entails launching new platforms, and radically improving existing ones. Most importantly, however, we seek to build an entire ecosystem around the XIV token. Our goal is to place XIV at the center of a slew of platforms and applications that empower the regular user to reap as much financial benefit from the crypto space as possible. Below is a list of platforms, both present and future, built around the XIV token.


Version III of the INVERSE & IN-LINE platforms which is expected by mid September 2021, will see a significant further reduction in gas fees by more than 80%. In addition to Ethereum, these platforms will also debut on the Binance Smart Chain.

Furthermore, users will no longer be limited to a “staking window” and may place their XIV in the tracking vaults at any time of their choosing. We will also be implementing a multi-coin feature that allows users to borrow XIV to be used in the tracking vaults by locking other coins like ETH, Dai, USDT etc. on the platform. Finally, users may expect a radically improved and visually appealing user interface.


Already, fully launched and operational, the VAULT PASS platform will be updated in the coming days to allow users to stake XIV-BSC and XIV-Polygon tokens. Moreover, in the next few weeks, staking on the platform will be expanded to include other project tokens with whom we are partnered. Users who stake these other tokens on Vault Pass will also be rewarded with XIV.


KUDI PRO is a seamless P2P, zero-fee, exchange designed for emerging and frontier markets. The platform is powered by the XIV token and is set to launch on Friday, August 27th.

The team is extremely pleased with the broad capabilities of this platform especially the potential for users and designated merchants to earn consistent income through its reward feature. Approved merchants on the P2P platform may earn XIV by helping to facilitate transactions and withdrawals to local fiat currencies. Regular users are also rewarded with XIV for rating the merchants they interact with.

KUDI PRO is a platform that clearly exemplifies the ethos of Project Inverse. The platform combines two important features which is at the heart of everything we do: a platform with XIV at its center that provides users with a consistent opportunity to earn extra funds.


In preparation for the launch of the INVERSE / IN-LINE platform on Binance Smart Chain, we will be unveiling a multi-purpose token bridge in September. This bridge will allow XIV holders to seamlessly convert their tokens from the Ethereum standard to the Binance (Bep-20) standard and vice versa. Furthermore, our token bridge also includes the capability to move XIV back and forth between the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchains.

Thanks to our partners at Ferrum Network, XIV will also be listed on Ferrum’s multi-coin bridge. This bridge includes a slew of other listed coins and allows for seamless conversion to and from Ethereum and BSC, and Ethereum and Polygon.


Since the inception of Project Inverse, we have sought to devise methods to incorporate non-fungible tokens in our product and platform development. As adoption expands, we truly believe that NFTs will continue to play an ever larger role in the evolution of digital assets. It was for this reason, and as a reward to our most ardent followers, that we launched our first NFT, Vault Ship One, soon after our IDO.

We will continue to create unique NFTs that tell our story, and offer their owners continuous or consistent rewards in the form of XIV.


In Q1 of 2022, Project Inverse will launch the “Collective Vault”. This is a decentralized protocol that allows multiple users to pool their XIV within specific tracking vaults in order to earn solo or shared rewards from the volatility of different coins.

This application is also built around the utility of the XIV token, and will provide users the opportunity to earn outsized gains from the collective assets of others.


In our zeal to ensure that all Project Inverse DeFi projects are as fully decentralized as possible, we will be creating a decentralized autonomous organization to guide future iterations and developments. SEFA DAO will be a community led organization with XIV (or a variation of XIV) as it’s governance token.

Users who wish to participate in the DAO must hold a specified amount of XIV tokens. As members, these users will be granted full voting rights in the DAO, and together will be responsible for charting a course for both current and future projects.


Replica is an upcoming decentralized perpetual swap protocol powered by XIV. Users first deposit XIV on the platform and then may borrow up to 20x against deposited XIV. The platform employs a virtual automated market maker, allowing users to trade freely in and out of different coins in order to maximize their gains.


In conclusion, as we move into Phase 2 of our development, our goal is to build an entire ecosystem around the XIV token. We believe that XIV can truly become the “ultimate utility token” which powers several innovative platforms designed to meet the needs of most users. We aim to provide XIV holders and platform users with several means to take advantage of the many opportunities inherent the crypto markets. We have only just begun.

Thank you

The Project Inverse Team

Project Inverse
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